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Staycation, With an Added Touch of Fitness

Being Strong is the ideal supplier of commercial fitness equipment for fitness centres across most premium hotel chains and lifestyle resorts in India. Each unit is developed keeping in mind the idea of continuous innovation at the core. Hence, the Being Strong equipment offered to your guests guarantees a fascinating experience and helps secure their trust in you.

Our equipment is excellence merged with a positive synergy that helps you attain service excellence at all times. Your guests experience a perfectly sophisticated, functional, and in-the-moment fitness facility as our equipment fits seamlessly in the hotels' dedicated fitness spaces.

Thoughtful design, intelligent features, and subtle elements make our machines the perfect fit for hotels, resorts, and lifestyle arenas.


Work out, while working in

To design equipment, we adopt a wide-ranging approach focusing on space consideration, operational contemplation and location evaluation. Each unit offers the strongest flavour of fitness for the hospitality segment, making it stand out amongst its competitors.

The equipment used in corporate gyms is pure performance-oriented and is usually loaded with strength equipment and cardio training units.

We offer a 360-degree solution for your corporate fitness facility, right from design up to training support.

Real Estate

When Fitness is a stone's throw away

Starting right from a basic cardio workout and covering everything from power training, mid-range alternative motion cross-training and group training, Being Strong equipment caters to an ever-evolving facility. Moreover, in this segment of fitness training, an evolving and dynamic fitness facility helps to set goals, both for individuals and groups. The equipment used in this segment helps reach the choices in an aesthetic facility.

Gym enthusiasts can train on a wide range of machines that offer comfort and at the same time, add strength.


Fitness with a Twist

The equipment creates a well-organized, functional, strength, and light cardio training environment. The aesthetic equipment and stylish range make the whole gym experience in clubs attractive, inviting, and relaxing. Exercising here is efficient and organized. Each unit is designed specifically to suit your ideal vision for the club while maintaining the efficiency of the equipment.

Schools and University

Sync Synergy – Activate the Powerful You Now

We provide customizable fitness equipment that offers strength training for individuals who want to raise the intensity of their workout a notch higher.

With the clear aim to train young fitness enthusiasts, our products offer a revolutionary start. The equipment supplied in this segment is designed to provide fitness training that aligns smoothly with exercise. The cardio units offered by Being Strong stand true to our reputation and reliability. Equipment such as the Treadmill, Upright Bikes, and Ellipticals are ideally suited for housing, clubs, and educational sectors.


Taking Strong to another Level

Army training is rooted in momentum, endurance, and agility. They train with extreme conditioning exercises aimed at increasing their power, tolerance, and endurance. Our equipment keeps up with the demands of such high-intensity training in sports and other activities. Being Strong helps our army personnel to gain an edge over others by enhancing their flexibility and physical performance that helps prepare their body for optimum.

Commercial GYM

Where Your Dreams Meet Our Legacy

Our ergonomically designed fitness equipment is highly efficient and combines performance, endurance, and strength resulting in a bundled package. It helps you achieve more power through various stages of training, challenges, and muscle engagement. The equipment comes with illustrated instruction charts that make it easier for enthusiasts from all fitness levels to perform the exercise. The world-class machines are scalable and keep these enthusiasts engaged throughout the exercise.

Hospitals / Physio / Rehab

Holding On To This Ray of Hope

Equipment targeted for this segment focuses on higher utility and less clutter. The equipment aims at helping the patients to improve physical accessibility, control and coordination, and providing basic strengthening exercises.


Customized for Perfection

Celebrities have different fitness goals and lifestyles than most of our other clients. Recognizing this, we provide them with State-of-the-art equipment tailor-made to suit their goals in the comfort of their home gyms. The equipment is designed to enhance versatility, comfort, and efficiency in workouts. Owing to our credibility and competence, Being Strong Equipment has become a staple in home gyms of most fitness icons from the entertainment industry.

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