Equipment Specification



Fabricated solely from rugged 50mm x 50mm and 50mm x 100mm, 2.5mm / 2.8mm / 3.0mm thickness of seamless structural cold rolled steel rectangular and oval tubing that is milled and machined on our premises. The unique design combined with quality craftsmanship ensures superior strength, and virtually eliminates joint failure as well as the need for expensive repair. All the loading joints connected parts have been given an extra 5 mm plate for fail proof safety. All attachments are laser cut out from high quality laser cut machines.

Laser Cutting:

Computer operated Sheet Laser and tube laser machine for precise cutting with laser marking and drilling, It’s a thermal process in which a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a localized area which helps in improving accuracy and edge squareness. An automation offline CAD/CAM system controlling with all in one 3D laser cutting machine.

Guide Rod:

3/4" thick solid Induction Hardened Rods of 50 to 60 HRC are secured with nylon bushings to allow free-floating movements of weight plates on guide rods.


Ergonomically designed 1.5mm high Grade CRC Sheets laser cut in half and fulllength covers one or both sides of the weight stack for safety.


Computer assisted design for bio-mechanically correct weight training equipment, that simplifies the biomechanics of lifting weights while matching movement to human motion. We are committed to turning steel into world–class strength equipment.

Robotic Welding:

Fully automatic, Japanese made robotic welding machines with integrated through the arm cabling to streamline key process which improves both weld accuracy and torch access, resulting to high quality, efficient welds much more consistently than even the most experience professionals.

Powder-Coat finish:

Fully computer operated conveyor-based powder-coating process. Components and assemblies are pre-treated in 14 tank process with zinc coating inside/outside and finished with an electro-statically applied textured powder coating, having an average thickness of 80 microns. Electrostatic powder coat finish ensures a durable and low maintenance machine.

Antimicrobial Powder Coating:-

The machine surface is protected from bacteria and microbial growth.

The Antimicrobial Technology that is active in the coating destroys up to 99% of bacteria and mold on a protected surface.


Ergonomically designed superior grade upholstery with 2" thick high density molded PU foam designed independently as per the functionality of the machine and available in a wide range of colors.

Seat Adjustment:

Polypropylene Rack - In - Pinion mechanism for high strength to weight ratio and excellent abrasion resistant movement.


Industrial strength 3/16" and 1/4" nylon coated cables with 4200 lbs. load capacity.

Pulley Wheels:

3", 4" & 5" diameter, "V" grooved fiber glass reinforced nylon pulley wheels with sealed friction free precision ball bearings provide outstanding cable support and years of trouble free, whisper smooth operation. All the pulleys are mounted in safety housings.

Weight Stack:

1” thick Bright Mild Steel Plates with 2 free-floating Nylon Bushings in each weight plate to ensure smooth travel. Oversized Centre weight plate hole to eliminate scraping of selector shaft against weight. Weight Stack is available in grey Powder coated finish.

Moving Parts:

Moving parts: 500'000 cycles at maximum load possibility.

Eccentric Cam:

Each machine has an individually designed and manufactured cam (daily/ongoing development).


Non-slip neoprene (free of any latex based components).

Rubber Padding:

Anti-skid Rubber molded foot sole supports at every contact point provides stability to the equipment and scratch proof flooring.

Range of Motion:

Variable Resistance Cams are Bio-mechanically engineered to Meet Specific Desired Load Levels through-out the Range of Motion.


All frames carry 10 years warranty from the date of installation.


ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ROHS, CE.

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