Biomechanics: Computer Assisted Design for Bio-mechanically Correct Weight Training Equipment.

Frames: Fabricated solely from rugged 50mm x 100mm, 40mm x 80mm, 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm/3.0mm Structural Bright Cold Rolled steel tubing that is milled and machined on our premises. The unique design combined with quality craftsmanship ensures superior strength, and virtually eliminates joint failure as well as the need for expensive repair. All frames carry 10 years warranty from the date of installation.

Welding: All Four Side Welded Construction for Rugged Fail-Proof Strength.

Range of motion: Variable Resistance Cams are Bio-mechanically engineered to meet specific Desired Load Levels throughout Range of Motion.

Powder coat finish: Components and assemblies are finished with an Electro-statically applied Textured Powder Coating, having an average thickness of 80 Microns. Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish ensures a durable and low maintenance machine.

Upholstery: Superior grade upholstery with 2" thick High Density Foam available in a large range of fabric colour.

Cables: Industrial Strength 3/16" Nylon Coated to 1/4"Cables with 4200 Lbs. Breaking Strength for safe, trouble free workouts.

Guide rods: The 3/4" Thick Solid Mild Steel is secured with Nylon Bushings to allow free-floating movements of weight plates on guide rods.

Pulley wheels: 3", 4" & 6" diameter, "V" grooved Fibre Glass reinforced Nylon Pulley wheels with Sealed friction free precision Ball Bearings provides outstanding cable support and years of trouble free, whisper smooth operation. All the Pulleys are mounted in Safety Housings.


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